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Organizations have come a long way from asking employees to go down the hall way to the ‘HR Department’.  Today, HR information systems and predictive analytics have transformed the HR function, streamlined processes coupled with the accurate capture and use of human capital data enables the HR function to provide a strategic partnership with all areas of the business.

As a HR systems, HR processes, talent management and HR analytics specialist, Macca Systems has an enviable position as a strategic HR Systems Solutions partner. Coming from a global perspective as an international HR services provider, Macca is well-versed in Human Performance Technology requirements, blending progressive HR performance analysis and measurement techniques with high-end data and workforce management tools.  The end result is a comprehensive HR Management Strategy which optimizes all facets of HRM functions.

Strategic HR Solutions Services

Discover How Our Services Can Add Value to Your HRIS Strategy
HR Information Systems
Following a best practices approach, Macca Systems combines hands-on operational experience, key industry knowledge and technical expertise to maximize the return on investment in your HRIS.

We fully engage Subject Matter Experts and end-users in the requirements gathering process to ensure implemented applications are effective, efficient and relevant.

With comprehensive HRMS expertise, Macca can guide you in evaluating and selecting the system that best meets your needs, timelines and value propositions whilst ensuring a high level of usability. Our aim is to successfully bridge HR Management and Information Technology functions to identify solutions which lessen the HR workload and increase efficiencies throughout the organization.

Macca Systems is at the forefront of HRIS trends and has worked with numerous vendor applications. With extensive HCM and HRMS experience, we can provide insight on any Enterprise Resource Planning system whether it is a full Talent Management Suite or a single module.

HR Analytics
Are you using the HR data you’re collecting to identify trends or issues in your organization? Do your internal stakeholders face key challenges that need proactive workforce decisions?

Macca Systems adopts data analysis methodologies, using qualitative and quantitative data tools to indicate how close an organization is to a strategic workforce goal. We can work with your team to ensure HR data accuracy (see HRIS section for more details), identify data sources and consistency of data definitions.

HR Analytics is still relatively new to the HR function but this discipline is getting more precise in its application, requiring time and resources. We can help you define a HR Analytics strategy and take your next step.

Training and Development
Macca Systems consistently develops and delivers quality customized and certified training programs. Our goal is to ensure that your team is highly trained in the required technologies and disciplines to effectively carry out their roles. Our approach to training has been proven to provide high-quality, relevant training in a very cost effective manner.

All training courses offered by Macca can be ‘tailored’ to precisely suit the needs of your organization and your resources. Where appropriate, Macca’s Training Consultants will liaise with a client to analyze training requirements before producing bespoke training plans. From there, recommendations can be made regarding the use of standard courses, the use of tailored courses or entire suites of training.

All course materials are provided and training can be arranged and delivered at a location and time to best suit your needs and any related system implementation timelines. For organizations with available in-house training resources, Macca can provide guidance and support through our comprehensive ‘Train the Trainer’ program.

Macca Systems also manages group dynamics and can apply facilitation tools and techniques in a variety of situations. Using an array of idea-generating tools, we use interactive sessions and team-building activities to focus ideas and build consensus. Macca’s Facilitation programs include Strategic Planning, Team Development, Conflict Resolution and Bridging Communication Gaps.

Macca Systems provides the following Training and Development services:
* Instructional System Design
* Training Delivery
* Train the Trainer
(Internationally recognized certification program)
* Team building
* Facilitation

HR Process Review and Re-engineering
Macca Systems will analyze your processes to identify potential areas for positive changes in the existing business process and software environments, recommending strategies to improve operational performance and HRIS usage.

We take a holistic approach to business process modelling including subject matter expert/end user participation, diagramming and systems methodologies.

Talent Management
A good Talent Management system must work seamlessly with business objectives to align human resources with key business-driven strategies.

With a holistic approach to talent management, we combine talent strategies with Human Performance Technology (HPT) and clearly defined metrics to generate specific and measurable talent management strategies that provide a logical framework to support key business goals and strategic success.

Attracting, engaging and retaining talented employees are critical factors in reducing employee turnover and the associated costs of sourcing, rehiring and retraining. Macca Systems partners with organizations to proactively plan for future career and succession planning. We identify qualitative and quantitative data to identify talent management gaps in teams and organizational development. The result is added talent value and a higher return on a company’s human capital investment.

Documentation Sets
With a depth of experience assessing and implementing HCM systems, Macca Systems can assist and support businesses to meet their HRIS objectives.

Whether it’s producing the business case or modelling change recommendations, we capture, analyze and present system requirements that align with business strategy.

To move a project from planning to implementation, Macca provides requirements document sets and subsequently prepares the business case and supporting presentation prior to the generation of RFP specifications.

Our expertise allows for development and deployment of business process documentation, design and delivery of technical and end user training programs and interactive system training to ensure that users adequately learn how to get the most from the new application, thereby reducing employee downtime and promoting productivity.

Our documentation services include:
* RFP documents
* RFP Response documents
* Requirements Documents
* Software Demonstration Scripts
* System Evaluation Matrix
* Functional Specifications
* Technical Specifications
* Change Requests
* Use Cases
* Business Process documentation and diagrams
* Cause and effect diagrams
* Workflow documents and diagrams
* Test Scripts
* Courseware
* User Guides

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